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 ThyssenKrupp continues upward trend in first nine months 2010/2011 2011-08-12 
 Further step implemented in the strategic development of ThyssenKrupp: Sale of Metal Forming group to Gestamp Automoción of Spain completed 2011-07-20 
 Ad hoc statement pursuant to Section 15 WpHG / Further measure regarding strategic development completed: ThyssenKrupp has successfully placed treasury stock corresponding to 9.6% of capital stock 2011-07-07 
 Further measure regarding strategic development: ThyssenKrupp places treasury shares corresponding to 9.6% of capital stock 2011-07-06 
 ThyssenKrupp on growth course in first half 2010/2011 2011-05-13 
 The Executive Board decides the further strategic development of ThyssenKrupp 2011-05-05 
 ThyssenKrupp Supervisory Board appoints Guido Kerkhoff to Executive Board 2011-03-04 
 ThyssenKrupp makes good start in first quarter 2010/2011 2011-02-11 
 ThyssenKrupp continues upward trend in first quarter 2010/2011 2011-01-21 
 Alan Hippe is leaving ThyssenKrupp 2011-01-14 
 Stronger from the crisis: ThyssenKrupp in fiscal 2009/2010 2010-11-30 
 Contracts securing the future of Hellenic Shipyards come into effect 2010-10-27 
 ThyssenKrupp in the first 9 months 2009/2010 2010-08-13 
 ThyssenKrupp in the 1st half 2009/2010 2010-05-12 
 Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger proposed as successor to Dr. Ekkehard Schulz as Chairman of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG 2010-05-04 
 JOINT PRESS RELEASE Abu Dhabi MAR and ThyssenKrupp 2010-04-14 
 ThyssenKrupp in the 1st quarter 2009/2010 2010-02-12 
 ThyssenKrupp sells Safway to Odyssey Investment Partners 2009-11-16 
 ThyssenKrupp in fiscal 2008/2009 2009-11-13 
 ThyssenKrupp implements new Group structure 2009-10-01 
 ThyssenKrupp in the first 9 months of 2008/2009 2009-08-14 
 Vale and ThyssenKrupp sign Memorandum of Understanding 2009-07-23 
 ThyssenKrupp in the 1st half 2008/2009 and outlook for the full fiscal year 2009-05-12 
 ThyssenKrupp in the 1st half 2008/2009 and outlook for the full fiscal year 2009-05-12 
 Supervisory Board resolves strategic reorganization of ThyssenKrupp 2009-03-27 
 Strategic reorganization of ThyssenKrupp 2009-03-19 
 ThyssenKrupp issued a “Dual tranche”-bond with a total volume of 1,500 million Euro 2009-02-16 
 ThyssenKrupp in the 1st quarter 2008/2009 2009-02-13 
 Appointment of Dr. Alan Hippe to Executive Board planned 2009-01-24 
 ThyssenKrupp Technologies acquires 25 percent stake from OEP 2009-01-13 
 ThyssenKrupp in fiscal year 2007/2008 2008-11-28 
 ThyssenKrupp Group to accelerate strategic growth and further portfolio optimization 2008-08-26 
 ThyssenKrupp in the first nine months of 2007/2008 2008-08-14 
 ThyssenKrupp to buy back shares up to a total of 2% of capital stock 2008-07-14 
 ThyssenKrupp in the 1st half of 2007/2008 2008-05-14 
 Share buyback completed 2008-03-10 
 ThyssenKrupp – expectations for fiscal 2007/2008 confirmed 2008-02-13 
 ThyssenKrupp to buy back shares up to a total of 3% of capital stock 2008-01-31 
 Best owner found for ThyssenKrupp Präzisionsschmiede 2008-01-21 
 Contract extension for Dr. Ekkehard Schulz 2008-01-18 
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