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        2008-07-17 Downtime 
Unfortunately on Wednesday 2008-07-16 my web service provider was down for 14 hours, by the time it was up again I was already in bed, so that was down a whole 24 hours. While they informed me via their site, their performance to get everything online again was quite weak and so far I haven't even gotten an email with an apology. Would have liked it, just for the record. If they have another downtime, which can happen, and it takes them more than two hours and without any email notification that there is a problem, I will have to move on no matter how cheap they are.
2008-05-13 Trendlines and Resistance 
DBK.ETR chart
You can now specify trendlines as well as horizontal lines representing resistance levels. The charts with these lines can then be saved in your journal or you can have web links from anywhere to them.
2008-05-02 Chart Enhancements 
A few new chart features have been added.

  • Huge charts, see example below
  • Square box sized charts
  • Simple moving average (SMA)
  • Force the drawing of bar charts instead of a line of closing prices. Normally when there are to many bars in too little a space, or if not all open, high, low information is available, the default mode of drawing charts is a simple line of closing prices. Now you can overwrite this default behavior, if you think it makes sense.
See everything (except the square boxed size chart) combined in this huge chart:

SQN.SWX chart

2008-04-26 Regression Lines 
Small feature, but I am not aware of other places on the web where you can see this for free. has now linear regression lines available for stock charts. It is maybe just a fun feature, but here are a few examples:

DJI.DJI chart
SP.MDE chart
DJI.DJI chart
To play around yourself, just click on any of the images.

2008-04-14 Moving Averages 
You can see and and backtest moving averages at the same time.

Read more.

2008-04-13 Trading Journal 
You can use to organize your investment ideas and trading notes in close proximity to the basic underlying financial information in your own personal trading journal.

Read more about trading journals in general and how you can use to keep one for yourself.

2008-04-09 Box Charts 
Charts are now also available in a box size, leaving more room on the Y axis, still having room for more than a single chart in a row. For an example, see the twenty 2 year history charts of the SMI in the new format:

SMI 2 years

2008-03-29 Trading Signals 
Bundle the results of your trading systems on a single trading signals page.
2008-03-29 Trading Systems 
Try out basic trading systems online!
2008-03-27 Help 
An initial help page is now available.
2008-03-12 Momentum Matrix 
Momentum as identified by the RSL indicator uses now in addition to the 15 months moving average also shorter time frames, respectively 200, 50, and 10 days moving averages. Here are more details.
2008-02-19 User Accounts 
Stockscreener supports now free user accounts. What for? Creating watchlists, taking personal notes about stocks, or bookmarking charts worth remembering.
2008-02-01 Chart Books 
The STOCK BLOCK has a detailed description of the new chart books.
2008-01-08 Dedicated Chart Page 
In addition to each instrument's fullquote page, there is also a dedicated page for an instrument's chart.

A detailed description of this new feature and its advantages is on The STOCK BLOCK.

2008-01-04 Indices 
There is now a convenient way to see with one look this or any years performance for all available indices. The difference to the standard performance page is that you don't have to be correct about the start and end dates. The problem is, when was the last quote of the previous year for the Nikkei 225, when for the Dow Jones etc. Stockscreener gets the right dates for you now under the hood.
2008-01-01 Momentum 
There are now new lists with stocks sorted by momentum according to the 15 month RSL (Relative Strength by Levy). RSL is calculated by dividing the last closing price by the 15 month moving average and multiplying with 100. So e.g. if a stock's closing price is 20 % above its 15 month moving average, then its RSL value is 120.
2007-12-27 Company News 
New page with official company news as well as a new news section on each company's full quote page.
2007-11-29 ZKB Link 
There is a new link in the full quote for Swiss and German stocks to the ZKB web site. The advantage of that site is its InteractiveCharts applet from IS Innovative Software. To get there, once on a ZKB stock full quote page, select "... Chartanalyse" from the "Toolbox" drop down list on the right side.
2007-11-20 Charts 
Thanks to Raju Varghese for the new charting layer!
2007-11-15 The STOCK BLOCK 
An accompanying stock and investment block, The STOCK BLOCK, is now connected with this site.
2007-11-15 Latest Quarterly Reports 
When available for a company, quarterly reports are directly downloadable in pdf format from's fullquote pages.
2007-11-13 SWX and virt-X Closing Prices 
With the courtesy of the SWX Swiss Exchange closing prices for the SWX and virt-X exchanges are now shown.
2007-10-26 All Time Highs 
New page that lists yesterday's all time highs. The all time high of a particular stock might actually be just the high in this database, thought, should the available history be not complete.
2007-09-22 Complete SWX Coverage 
All Swiss SWX listed stocks are now covered beginning from 2007-07-09.
2007-08-23 Top - Flop With Currency and Exchange Selection 
The "Top - Flop" selection can now be reduced to single currencies or exchanges.
2007-08-12 Top - Flop With Start And End Dates 
So far "Top - Flop" was always for the last trading date. Now you can select your own time span.
2007-08-11 New News Page 
Depending on the level of authorisation and feature progression, you see more or less news.
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